Cloud Consulting and Readiness Services

Evaluate business and IT needs to keep pace with the evolving digital economy.

As organizations evolve into digital businesses, you can no longer depend on the past as a guide for the future.   Brady-Liu Technologies cloud consulting and readiness services assist our clients in aligning their cloud computing strategy with their overall business strategy.

Facilitated by our industry-aligned enterprise architects, our workshops enable you to address IT and business alignment through agreement on key objectives, roadmap, and action plan.  Our consultants will assist you to identify the best-fit technology and delivery model for your environment, improving time-to-value for implementation, and mitigating transformation and deployment risks.

Brady-Liu’s Application and Cloud Readiness Assessment works in three stages:


We work with you to understand the business drivers and stakeholders of the various applications.  We also examine the workload and patterns as well as Operations and Maintenance requirements.




During this stage, we assist work together to

  • Understand the architecture, tiers, and resource needs
  • How workloads and distribution needs of the application
  • Consider available cloud service offerings
  • Explore costs, upgrades, migration, integration, governance, risk, and compliance requirements


At this stage, we will provide information on proposed application components in need of elastic scaling (varying IT resource needs).  Then we will discuss best-fit deployment models such as physical, virtual, cloud, or hybrid.

Recommendations include a prioritized roadmap for migration

Leveraging cloud technology and managed services is key to improving your organization’s performance.  Our Cloud Consulting and Readiness Assessment provides you with a cost-effective approach to preparing for a move to the cloud.  The Assessment defines which applications are best suited to the cloud, finds the best deployment model for each application (which may not always be cloud), and helps prioritize next steps.